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Don't Be Quiet, the Movement wants to Celebrate YOU!


We are having a night of fun, music, dancing, poetry and more! Sometimes you just need to celebrate, You Made It!


We will spend a night with no cares and no worries!


DJ FATE will bring us the music!

Stephanie R. Bridges and Caroline Bennett will bless the mic with some amazing poetry.

Tickets are $10 and available now at


Food and drinks available for purchase.

If you have questions please reach out to Danielle at 614-434-6328

When childhood dreams and experiences are shattered by the very ones who are charged with shaping them, the indelible scars leave lasting effects that cannot be erased.


Don’t Be Quiet is a 2018 docudrama written and produced by Danielle D. Smith.


The short film is based on her 2016 novel Yesterday’s Tomorrow, which fictionalized her personal story of child abuse. 


All tickets $9.

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