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About Danielle Smith

Danielle D. Smith is the Founder and President of D. Smith Enterprises. D. Smith Enterprises is an event planning and production company. Although she founded D. Smith Enterprises in 2008, she began planning and producing events when she was in middle school. Her first event was a talent show at Monroe Traditional Middle School in Columbus, Ohio. Danielle listened to the students at the school and decided to talk with the administrators and have the first talent show ever! She then showed her leadership skills as a senior in high school forming the first Drill Team at Pickerington Central High School.

As she became an adult she began to realize that entertainment brought her joy. Danielle has always had a love for music, theatre, and dance. She has developed and produced concerts and fundraisers for churches and nonprofit organizations such as Franklin County Children Services, Wendy’s and many more. Her love for helping children developed her relationship with Franklin County Children Services.

After years of working on concerts and bringing artists to Columbus, Ohio she decided in 2010 to branch into plays. She first produced, The Million Dollar Man by Angela Wilson. The Million Dollar Man first hit the stage in the fall of 2010 with a sold out performance and again in 2011 with 2 sold out performances. She has been a part of countless plays providing marketing and production needs.

Danielle has striven for years to give her all in every event of her life while enduring the hurt and pain of abuse, physical and mental as well as rejection from her parents and family. All of this first gave her a reason for a pity party and later it became her strength, her reason “why”. She is a mother of one beautiful child. She is now taking on the new task of being an author. The release of her first eBook and paperback was January 2017.

She has also begun the, Don’t Be Quiet Movement which is an organization that is against child abuse and neglect and is here to assist children with finding their voice. In November 2016 she was sworn in as a Guardian Ad Litem with CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocate). CASA was a safe haven for her as a child when she was removed from her home because of abuse and neglect. She is “for the child” and is excited to volunteer her time and be a voice for a child.

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